Infant Oral Health

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that all children make their initial visit to the dentist before their first birthday. These early visits are beneficial for parents, as our team’s focus will be on reviewing important growth, development and oral-health milestones, as well as diet and hygiene pointers.

This first exam is conducted “knee to knee” — that is, with Dr. Gibson examining your child’s mouth while the infant remains in the comfort of your lap.

You’ll place your child facing you, with his or her legs wrapped around your waist, then gently lay the infant back into the dentist’s lap. The dentist can then gently examine the child’s mouth with a soft toothbrush and mirror, dabbing on topical fluoride where necessary.

Some children will of course cry and fuss as this is going on, but it’s important to remember that the exam is necessary to gauge early-life oral health, it will be brief, and it causes your child no pain.

Are you ready to take charge of your child’s oral health?

“Took my daughter to this office. Dr. Gibson is absolutely wonderful. She is extremely skilled and has an incredible bedside manner. Her office is beautiful and kid friendly. In fact, it’s probably the nicest doctor’s office I’ve ever been to.”
– Marc R.


The entire staff, Dr. Gibson, the office, everything! Dr. Gibson relates to you and the kiddo, explains everything, and isn’t rushed. The hygienists are so sweet and so patient, same with the front desk ladies. The decor is SO AWESOME. And they give treats/goodies as you’re leaving. A five star rating is an understatement! Thank you, ladies!
– Amanda
Just took my 19-month-old daughter to her first dentist appt, and it was fantastic! The whole team was SO patient. Dr. Gibson easily took care of her, despite the squirming, and then blew bubbles with her! The office is adorable and the kids even get individual TVs while their teeth are cleaned… I wish Dr. Gibson was available to adults!
– Julie
Dr. Gibson is so wonderful! She’s passionate and understanding and completely takes every patient and their needs to a personal level. She’s got the tender touch all kids need when seeing their doctor, of any type. Her office is exceptional. It’s so clean and modern yet so much fun for the little ones!
– Nicki F.